Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reading Beyond Your Writing Zone

If you take a look at my GoodReads page: 

You’ll note that my reading list is pretty hefty. It’s also pretty diverse. My reading tastes have always been broad. That fact appears to be showing no signs of slowing with the onset of age J

Last year, thanks in part to my recent discovery of Audible, I added The Hobbit, Mama Ruby, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo trilogy, The Bluest Eye, The Lords of Deliverance series and The Game of Thrones series to my finished list to name a few.

Personally, I hope my reading desires continue along this path for I attribute so much of my motivation for writing to my love of reading.

Someone once said that an author should never write more than he or she reads. I truly believe that. Reading is more than just an entertaining escape. For me, reading calls on all of the skills I draw upon during the creation of my stories. Reading lets me hone the problem solving skills I lean on when working my way through a plot. The more intricate the story line, the more intensely I rely on those skills.

Reading outside my writing zone also clues me in on new ways of getting my point across. It often gets me to take note of the words I use, pushing me to select words I don’t often use or take a chance with incorporating my own ‘funky’ style of phrasing a character’s speech or thought pattern.

Besides, all that reading across genres and/or sub genres is just plain fun! I have and continue to come across the BEST stories.

But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself! And drop by to talk to me about those new literary gems you’ve discovered at The Hot Mama Land Fly Hat Society Luncheon Saturday March 9, 2013 in Morrisville, NC. We can dish the dirt on books, hats, food, so many more good and delightful things.

Join me, along with dynamic authors like Angie Daniels, Kianna Alexander, Iris Bolling and sooo many more. You'll really hate yourself for missing this one guys!

Find out more here: http://hotsouthernwriters.blogspot.com/

Talk to You Soon & Keep Reading!

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