Thursday, August 22, 2013

Forget Grammar and Just Do Me

Once upon a time, writers HAD to be grammatically correct. An editor would rework every single sentence until it was according to American English standard even though nothing was left of an author’s voice. During the beginning of my career, I noticed I could get away with an occasional “ain’t” but only in dialogue, and even then it was still irritating to read the way my sentences had been restructured to a point that it was killing my characters’ swag and personality. But over the last few years, I noticed how things have changed. All that woulda, coulda, shoulda is now possible. I can now write like “real” people talk. There will always be those who prefer not to read “slang” but now that I am an author who is in control of what she writes, I’m gonna tell it like it is. All of my books center around dialogue because that’s where my scenes begin. With my upcoming release, Do Me Baby, Rance Beaumont is a NBA player and a cocky one at that. Once you get the pleasure to read my newest edition to the Beaumont Series, remember it was dialogue driven. And when Rance speaks, it’s going to be “What’s up wit ya,” not “what is up with you” cause that just how I do. LOL


  1. Thank you! Can't wait to read Rance's story!

  2. Okay, I know the book is going to be good. I can't wait to read out.