Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Summer Thoughts. . .

Is it me or does it seem like summers are getting shorter and shorter? 
Or maybe it's just me because I can't wait to wear my thigh high boots.

Is it me or is it radio that ruins a hot song? Blurred Lines was hot, now you can't turn the radio on without out hearing it on every station. I swear I heard it on a country station yesterday.

Is it me or is the person who came up with the What Rhymes With Hug Me web site a genius?
What rhymes with hug me? Stop trying to drug me. Too Funny.

Am I looking forward to winter because Love After War comes out in November? Yes, I am!
When club owner Adrian Bryant discovers his biological father is hotel magnate Elliot Crawford, his life unravels. Shunned by Crawford while he and his mother struggled, Adrian hatches a high-profile plan to destroy the Crawford name--and the reputations of his two half-brothers. But to shield the woman he loves from the hell he intends to unleash, Adrian has to let her go.
Photographer Dana Singleton is heartbroken and confused by Adrian's behavior. But just when she's given up on their relationship, she begins to discover the truth--and a dark side of Adrian she never knew existed. As the stakes get higher, she will have to ask herself if she can love a man who is capable of such vengeance--or if he can learn to forgive...

Is it me or is everybody ready for some real football?  Can we just end the preseason already?
And finally, 2 Guns was really the best movie of the summer!

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