Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Kid Stays in the Picture

Hello my sexy babies!

Before I get into the post, I have to update you all on what's happened since last month when I posted. I FINALLY finished the first shitty draft of my full-length contemporary interracial BDSM novel Licorice Whips, which will be out through Phaze Books in November 2013. I had to separate myself from it for a little bit before I go back in to do my first round of self-editing. Then I'll send it off to my Phaze Books editor, Kathryn Lively. Let's hope she digs it and it won't require a lot of edits...unless she asks for more sex. I can do that.

So as I was thinking about today's post, I thought about my post from last month and how I mentioned what songs inspire me when I write. I don't know about any other author, but as I write, I can see the movie rolling in my head. I cast all of the characters. So who would be my dream cast? Well, you know I picture Bradley Cooper as my Sweet Hawkes, the hero, and Paula Patton as Nikla Dearwood. I haven't asked my fellow author, Yvette Hines, about her hero in her book, Red Hots, who is the brother of my hero. I picture Masaun Hawkes looking like Jon Hamm. He's hot, has that glint in his eye like he could snap at any moment and be Dom sexy (yeah, I said that), but he still looks like a businessman. I know. Too much "Mad Men." For her heroine, Kindle Langston, I see Kerry Washington. Yvette probably has other actors in mind for her folks. That's just what I envision.

So that's my question for authors. Do you picture actors, actresses, models, athletes, etc. when you write your stories? I know a lot of authors who have pegboards with pictures, houses and other inspirations. I guess the modern version of that would be Pinterest.

My question to readers is while you're reading a story, do you automatically cast it in your head? When I read Gwyneth Bolton's Sweet Sensation, I pictured the leads looking like LL Cool J (mmm, those abs) and Jada Pinkett-Smith. It surprised me when I attended a reader event that Gwyneth hosted that she admitted that she pictured Will Smith as the hero. Totally different than who I thought. That's the beauty of the mind. You can create your own vision.

I have to get going on revising my manuscript. Here's something to chew on. If you would like to cast characters for your favorite books, there's a great website for that called StoryCasting.com. If you would like to see my fantasy cast for several of my books and stories, check out my page here. You can also make suggestions for your own characters for the same books. Who knows. You might inspire us authors for a future story.

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