Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Get Ready for A Hot Summer!

Hi, y'all!
Spring is upon us, and around my way, that means a green cloud of pine pollen is hanging over everythang. Lawd, my watery eyes.

This time of year is when I start looking forward to summer. I mean, I'm glad winter's over and all, but this pollen is for the birds. Or the bees. Either way it ain't for me!
Fortunately, there's a long, hot summer of events to look forward to, where you can see all your favorite Hot MAMAs. Through June and July, it's a trifecta of fun events and chances to see us. Start making your arrangements now for what will surely be an unforgettable summer!

Iris Bolling's Believe Team Presents: A Royal Affair

You don't want to miss this. I'm told Richmond will never be the same, and I believe it. With a masquerade ball, and a male auction featuring ten "Absolute Delights," it's bound to be a grown and sexy event. Mr. Alexander and I will be present, as will Queen Iris herself, Deborah Fletcher Mello, and more! Click the image to grab your tickets- you must get them by May 12!

The Hot MAMA Land Fly Hat Society Meet and Greet

It's our second semi-annual event, and we'd love to see you there! This is the only event of the three where ALL TEN MAMAs WILL BE PRESENT (including our newest MAMA who is being revealed 4/24/15)! Best of all this event is FREE and open to the public, so if money's tight this is your shot at hanging with us. Swing by the Facebook Event Page and let us know you're coming!

A.C. Arthur's Beach Bash

This fun event will take place at Myrtle Beach. I attended last year as a featured author when it was at Walt Disney World, and I had a blast. Since Myrtle Beach is only a couple of hours down the road from me, I'll be attending again and I suggest you do the same if you are able. Hot MAMAs will be well represented at the event, with Bridget Midway, Yvette Hines, Mama Emeritus Angie Daniels, and Denise Jeffries. Click the logo to go to the registration page.

There you have it: a recipe for the most fun you've had in one summer since you were a kid. I hope to see you at as many of these events as you can attend :)

-All the Best, 

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