Friday, April 24, 2015

Making A Name For Yourself!

Maya Angelou. Eric Jerome Dickey. Nikki Giovanni. Langston Hughes.

Those of us that operate a business as an author would dream of becoming a household name, right?

Of course we do! do we take those steps in the right direction?

After being in the literary industry for nearly ten years, I've learned a lot but the key lesson has been to never stop trying. If something doesn't work, change it! What one person does is not always suited for your brand, because in case you didn't know, YOU ARE A BRAND.

Every little thing you say, do, post on social media for the world to see, invites them to perceive you as what you display. Are we human? Yes. Are we trying to gain new customers? Sure! How you behave makes all the difference in the world. If you have a website (which you probably should in this day and age) be mindful of sending your readers there to support the latest release. If you have a book or social group on a Goodreads or Facebook site, keep special book events exclusive for those that are loyal. Build an email list to keep your following informed on where you'll be, what's coming up and special contests you may hold.

Recently, I held a special event in my Facebook group, Exposed! The House of Nu Cherte for a book discussion on the current release by Embue, "4.0 Club." It went very well and we gave away Amazon gift cards throughout the ninety-minute event. The interaction was enjoyable and feedback...priceless!

Keep it customized to what you want people to think and say about your brand. Follow your own course and most of all, have fun with it!

Be sure to come hang out with us this evening online to find out who the new Mystery HOT MAMA will be here:

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Until next time, be yourself!

Loretta R. Walls/Embue

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