Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Oooh, no she didn't!

Hi kittens,

So lots of things happening for me right now. Too, too busy. But that's a very good thing. I'm writing a lot right now, which is a far cry to where I was a year and a half ago. Not sure what was going on with me. I'll just say my muse and I weren't speaking. I still loved writing. I just needed the bug back. No one could get me back on that horse but me. But I have that stallion between my legs and I'm riding him for all he's worth. You take that however you want.

So with the writing comes some great news. For one, I'll be releasing new work (Yeah!). The first book will be a sequel to Love My Way. It's called Slave to Love. Hey, what I can I say? You can take the girl out of the 80's but you can't take the 80's out of the girl.

Here's the blurb.

It’s been five years, and Christian Jace Morton still hears about his older brother, Eagan,and his controversial and groundbreaking TV show Love My Way. He’s also tired of everyone’s fascination with BDSM, so much so that he stops his involvement in the Lifestyle and opts to go by his middle name to keep his association away from a character with the same name in a popular book series. Considering he hasn’t truly forgiven Eagan for abandoning the family when their father died, Jace decides to put his full concentration on his construction business. His life would be fine if his sister-in-law, Eagan’s wife Ananda, didn’t ask him to use his house for another reality TV show.

Taren Kerrigan has been enamored with the BDSM lifestyle since she heard about the Love My Way TV show. Since she was only nineteen at the time the show was taped, her friend, Love My Way contestant Dorothy/Meadow, talks her out of trying out for the show. When Taren hears that Ananda “Begonia” Morton has been trying to contact Dorothy to have her own show for her to find a Dom...or Domme, Taren offers to go in Dorothy’s place. She wants the BDSM fairy tale.

Even though Jace wants nothing to do with the show, his interest is piqued once he sees Taren. When he discovers her love of the show and all things Eagan Morton, he doesn’t want to reveal his identity of being Eagan’s brother. He competes if only to refute the notion of finding the perfect BDSM relationship on a reality TV show.

Can Jace learn to let go of the past and trust his instincts? Will Taren see past the fanfare of the Lifestyle to discover its true meaning? Will they do it in time to discover each other?

Hot, right? This book will debut at A.C. Arthur's 2015 Beach Bash. Attendees there will get it first before it's released to the rest of the population. Kind of makes you want to go to the event, doesn't it? Click here for information about the event.

So you can't have just 2 books, especially if you want to call it a series. Has to be at least 3 books. So the third book in the series will be called Is this Love? Do your best Tawny Kitaen hair flip. I've always wanted to write a book where the hero is a sadist. This will be that book.

Here's the blurb.

Rocco Silva has zero interest in getting in front of the camera again. After being eliminated when he competed on “Slave to Love,” a reality TV show where a submissive looks for a Dominant, he pours his full concentration on his work as the owner of a garbage company until a sexy woman walks into his life.

Gia Curtiss is tired of her work as a staff photographer in a discount store. After earning her filmmaking degree, she wants to put her education to use by doing a documentary. After a friend tells her of an opportunity to work as a production assistant for Ananda Morton, the producer of “Slave to Love”, Gia decides to see the woman about a different proposition. She pitches the idea of doing a documentary on the eliminated Dominant from her show. Ananda doesn’t think the man will do it and challenges Gia to get him to agree. If he does, Ananda will hire her as a director.

Gia thinks she has it made until she runs into opposition with Rocco. He has no interest in making a fool of himself again unless Gia agrees to go on camera with him, allowing him to play with her.

When Gia gets caught up with playing with Rocco, it’s hard for her to discern what’s real and what’s just for show. Can she figure out her feelings before filming ends? Will he allow himself to be vulnerable for this special woman?

This book will be released at a BDSM event author Adrienne Kama and I will be holding on Saturday, November 7th in Williamsburg, Virginia. Nothing says kinky like Colonial Williamsburg. For more information on that event, click here. Registration is going on right now. Don't delay. We can only fit 40 attendees.

If you thought that that was all I have going on, you haven't heard the half of it. But I have to get going. I'm writing my fingers to the bone. I'll tell you more in May.

Stay sexy,


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