Friday, April 10, 2015

Let the countdown begin. . .#SpreadRumors

I'm a few weeks away from the release of my novel Rumor Has It. And I'm nervous. Here's the back story on how I came up with this plot.
There was this writer who'd been seeing a guy who was running for a political office. At the time, he had a female campaign manager. And he brought her to my —I mean that writer's— parents' house to discuss his campaign. All the while he was there, the writer saw there was something going on between the two that had more personal than business written all over it.

See, writers are magical and while plotting, they often see the truth. As it turns out, the writer was right. So, old boy was running for office and trying to portray this wholesome image, but behind the scenes, he was anything but.

He lost the election and my story was born.

Looks like putting a little truth in my fiction paid off. Here's what Publisher's Weekly thinks about my book:
 Rumor Has It
Cheris Hodges, Author
Hodges (Love After War) infuses this contemporary with complex and vivid love, friendship, and loyalty. Public-relations professional Liza Palmer is never off duty, so she ditches a wedding planning session with her best friend, Chante, and heads to the office of Chante’s fiancĂ©, Robert, to discuss an idea for his North Carolina senatorial campaign. When Liza interrupts Robert having sex with a woman on his desk, she is outraged by his behavior, and then hurt by Chante’s refusal to believe her. Determined to expose Robert, Liza takes the juicy gossip to his competitor, Jackson Franklin, a handsome man who leaves her tingling and weak in the knees. Jackson refuses to play dirty politics, but he does want to get inside sassy Liza’s “mind, heart, and soul.” As rumors fly, damaging Liza’s reputation, Jackson’s hot and tender lovemaking claims her heart. With Jackson and Robert neck and neck, Liza has to make some difficult choices. The nonstop intrigue, romance, and smart dialogue will keep readers enthralled. (May)

I do hope you enjoy it just as much.
Be sure you preorder today!

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  1. Congrats on the great review from Publisher's Weekly. Way to go, Cheris!