Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Musical Inspiration

Music is the mirror to my soul—period. That’s where my inspiration comes from. I’m going to take this opportunity to serenade you with a little of what inspires me. When I was in college there was one song I would play over and over and over. It was, “Always and Forever” by Heat Wave. Old School, ya’ll don’t know nothing about that…but here’s a little taste. To make matters worse, Luther came along and did a remake of the song that rocked my world all over again.  

For each book that I write, I put together a playlist of songs that fit the emotions of the story. Whenever I sat down to work on a story, I would play that sound-track to keep with the feel of the love story and the characters.                                                                                  
In Once You’ve Touched the Heart JD Harrison was literally losing his mind over Tracy Washington. Hence, the song, “Going out of my Head,” by Luther Vandross, was the lead song for their love story.  

With A Lost Heart, it was Frankie Beverly and Maze, “The Morning After” as the catalyst for this love story. Brian Thompson and Caitlyn Montgomery lost love could only be explained by the smooth sounds of Frankie. 

Cynthia Thornton did all she could, but she just could not shake the moves Samuel Lassiter put on her in Look Into My Heart. Tamia’s, “You Put a Move On My Heart” was the motivation to their love story. 

In Teach Me, we all thought it was Zackary Davenport that was going to teach Diamond Lassiter how to make love. In the end, it was Diamond that taught Zack the lessons he will never forget, with Al Jarreau singing Teach Me as the back drop.  

The book I’m currently writing is tentatively titled Spark of Magic. I had to reach back to one of my all-time favorites for this love story between Jarrett Bryson and Paige Cartwright, by The Stylistics.Yeah, I know I went back a little on you, but you know Phyllis Hyman did a remake so here’s a little taste of her. 

I hope you enjoyed a taste of what inspire me to write love stories. 
Just to stir you curiosity a little, here’s something for you to think about. Xavier Davenport, Zackary’s little brother from Teach Me has a book coming. Here’s leaving you with a little motivation. 

Until the next time,
Iris Bolling

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