Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kicked My Heels Up in Nawlins!

Well, I must say, this has been one interesting summer. I have traveled to new places each month and have loved the people and richness of various cities. I will tell you though that nothing beats New Orleans (Nawlins), LA. I mean to be in an area that is so steeped and rich in culture is unbelievable. The people there are wonderful and friendly. I wouldn't call it southern charm, because the ice tea needed a little work at some of the places, nothing like North Carolina. LOL. However, it was a down home laid back mentality. They just smiled everywhere and seemed happy to greet each day; from the hotel staff to the people in the vintage stores.

I was there for a conference geared toward romance readers. One of my favorite types of conferences to attend, I must say.

Now, lets talk music. I love all types of music and generally find myself inspired by it. In Nawlins, especially within the French Quarter, you are inundated with jazz, blues, soul and other blends. One night I found myself setting back with a drink in a jazz club and I started getting a story idea. So, I listened and plotted in my head. That is the best thing about being an author is seeing a story work itself out in my head like a motion picture.

Food is just as inspiring to my writing as music. The food in Nawlins, oh, man, de-li-cious. I got drunk on some etouffee the first night in town. One of my friends told me it was not possible. But, I tell you, those little crawfish were doing a musical number in my body and I was lightheaded and tipsy. I loved every bite. I went to Cafe Du Monde and consumed cafe au lait and beignets. Tried to eat my weight in beignets they are so good. Instead I just picked up a mix box and decided to attempt to make them at home. Grabbed some salt water taffy, and pralines to go as well. The chickory drink at the Jazz Legends: Cafe Beignet was good. I think it is a blend with coffee so it was mild and nice to drink. You know I had to get myself some red beans and rice, with smoked sausage...yummy.

Sadly, I only have a moment to write down the idea of the story at the moment, since I'm working on Evidence of Desire, the third story in the heroes series. The first two, Fire and Desire and Restrained Desire. My hope is to have the third released by the end of the year. However, I need to get my butt in gear. As an author, usually the story you want to work on most generally falls to last place after the stories your editors are waiting on. :)

That's alright, I love writing, just like my Hot MAMA sistahs. So any good story I get to bring to my readers is worth the time and energy.

Romancin' You,
~Monique Lamont

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