Monday, August 6, 2012


I often get asked, as I'm sure other authors do, what inspires the stories I write. I draw inspiration from lots of things: dreams, newspaper articles, news stories, TV shows, songs. If it's interesting and I can twist it in a sexy way, I'll write about it.

The very first story I published with a publisher was "Adam and E.V.E." through Phaze Books. This futuristic erotic romance (yes, I said futuristic) was about a human and a female cyborg who discover that when she gets turned on, it can stop the opposition's weapons. Who said sex wasn't a weapon? So where did I get the inspiration for that story? The tabloid, Star Magazine, used to publish these 850-word romances and paid $300 for each story. So I wrote them a few stories that they published. Then they changed and said they were only publishing science fiction stories. So I wrote "Adam and E.V.E." where E.V.E. could stop the opposition's weapons with just a kiss. Stories in this magazine had to be pretty PG. Not even heavy petting. I once wrote a scene where the hero is locked out of his hotel room with only a towel around his waist and the woman he wants is in the room across the hall from him. His towel is stuck in the door. So when he can't take it anymore, he drops the towel and goes across the hall. The publisher said "Oh no!" The implication that this hero could be nude in public was too much for them. So I changed it so that he wore a robe and ripped a corner of it to get to his woman. Anyway, getting back to my cyborg. I submitted "Adam and E.V.E." and they rejected it. They wanted straight science fiction without any romance. So that gave me permission to expand the story to a novella and add A LOT more sex.

So that's how a submission call inspired me. As I mentioned above, I also get inspired from songs. I am definitely a child of the 80's. If you look at most of my book titles, you can definitely tell that. That's What Friends Are For, Fascination Street, Love My Way, Woman in Chains, hell, even Reignited. Whenever I say that title, I'm tempted to sing the old Peaches and Herb song, "Reunited." When I hear a song or hear a song title, I think of a story behind it. Some songs are easy to conjure a full story. Has anyone heard Christina Aguilera's "Sex for Breakfast"? People are drawn to songs. Some songs have the ability to conjure up fond least I hope they do.

One other thing that inspires me is a topic that challenges me. If you read my initial Hot M.A.M.A. post, then you'll know I write a lot of BDSM erotic romance, and I've done a lot of research to pen each story. What was harder for me to write was the futuristic works. I can't research cyborgs and how they act like I can with a Dominant and a submissive. I have to use my imagination and see where it takes me. In that way, it's fun to push yourself and see where you go.

And speaking of inspiration and pushing myself, I have got to go. I have a story to finish. The title is "O, Come." Yep, another song title. What can I say? I am consistent.

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